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Brink of Design corporate branding logo design Welcom to Brink of Design, Inc.
Providing Full Corporate Branding & Marketing for all Your Web and Print Needs.

Brink of Design, founded in Birmingham, AL, is a full service corporate branding company. We bring over 15 years of combined experience and are your one single source to provide all your print and website development needs. Brink of Designís passion is developing company brands from logo and brochure design to full website design and development.

Brink of Design strives to provide the highest quality design services at the lowest prices, while cultivating meaningful and fulfilling relationships with our clients.

Quality Graphic Design Services

Professional.  Creative.  Fresh.  These are just a few adjectives of our design work that we have built our reputation on.  We can’t think outside the box, because we never saw the box.  We pride ourselves in providing design solutions as custom as you are.  No templates, no cookie cutter designs, and no cube farms mass producing work.  We communicate to understand the needs of each client prior to ever starting any project.  The results are highly effective brand building solutions that meet and exceed our client’s needs.

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Corporate Branding with Brink of Design

Corporate branding is not just a great recognizable logo; it involves every aspect of your marketing. It includes colors, styles, feel, fonts, but most of all consistency! Customers should be able to recognize your product or service with one glance of any of your marketing materials. Powerful corporate branding can endorse any product or service with credibility and name recognition.

Today’s market is bombarded with large and small companies alike doing all they can to beat consumers over the head with their marketing pitch, making the market over saturated and non-responsive to your businesses’ message. That is why it has become essential to cut through all the clutter by creating a brand that speaks above your competitors.

Brink of Design is your one source for complete corporate branding.

Interested in the right research, creativity, and branding guidelines to equip your business to make its mark? Contact Brink of Design!

Why Does My Company Need a Well Designed Website?

Increase Customer Confidence
With a professional, well designed website that is easy to navigate and has pertinent information, your customers are sure to put their confidences in you and your service. A well designed website will reflect your company as being a technologically savvy and customer based.

The Best Sales Person Your Company Has Ever Seen

What would you pay for a qualified and efficient sales person that works 24/7 hours a day, seven days a week? Having a website allows your company to be open and promoting your business 24 hours and 7 days a week. Potential customers search the web at all times of day, having an online presence attracts customers that other wise would have never found you.† A well designed website can also be functional as a way to provide customers with up to date information, promotions, surveys, forms, and more.

Three Words: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What if your website would show up in the top 5 search results on Google, Yahoo, MSN every time?† Wouldnít it be nice for your website to do the work for you? Itís not magic. All it takes is your site to be correctly optimized using SEO and a little time.† Every aspect of your site needs to be created to ensure it is optimized correctly.

It is very important that whoever designs your website that they have a comprehensive knowledge of SEO. Your site can actually be blacklisted if major search engines determine that your site is deliberately attempting to manipulate the search rankings unethically.  This practice can result in the major search engines "blacklisting" your website from search results, leaving your website unable to be located in the World Wide Web. Don't risk it!

Interested in having a knowledgeable website designer create a custom, search engine friendly website to reflect your company? Contact Brink of Design today!


"Brink of Design has been a wonderful experience for the U.S. Youth Games. U.S. Youth Games is a small non profit; that does not have a lot of “technical” expertise in computers and internet. Brink of Design worked with us on a redesign of our site. This redesign has made it much easier for our members as well as an attractive introduction of our program to others. Through the advice of Brink of Design and their expertise our site is more inviting, better organized and makes a statement about the quality of our program. A website is like a front door for many businesses and non-profits. Once people get through that door you have to produce; but Brink of Design gives us that internet “curb appeal” that gets people into the door and interested in the organization."


"Brink of Design has designed all of MOSTraining’s marketing materials and Web site.  I could not be happier with the results. 

Brink of Design worked with me to take my ideas and make them come alive via various marketing materials and in the design of my Web site.  

The pricing is reasonable, the work is stellar, and the customer service is wonderful.  

All I can say is if you are on the “brink of a design” and you need a professional design company to bring it all together for you, Brink of Design is the answer!"


Academic Freedom Act
"I have designed my own WebPages for many years. I did not realize until I contracted with Brink of Design what a difference a professional presentation can make. My website now deserves more respect."

"Brink of Design has been a pleasure to work with,  I have found that a few minutes of conversation telling Brink of Design what we are looking for has resulted in more than we anticipated.  The turnaround time is fast, the work is professional.  I would recommend Brink of Design for any company that is looking to brand or clean up their current look. There has not been a challenge that we have given to Brink of Design that didn’t result in a professional document."

"I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Brink of Design for assisting Brice Building Company with several projects over the last couple of years. Your help in designing ads, jobsite signage and our company newsletter has been invaluable. Brink of Design has always been very accommodating and responsive, especially on short turnaround projects.

I appreciate your Company’s professionalism and look forward to working with you again in the future."

Sherry L. Denson
Marketing Manager.

Get Started Today

If you are ready to get started on your company's new image and branding, please don't hesitate to give us a call and get a free quote today at 205-365-9020 or you can fill out our online quote request.  

Before and After Graphic Design samples
Website and print redesigns you won't believe! before and after graphic design samples
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